Chris Collins

SK People – Chris Collins

If there’s anything you need to know about an onion bhaji, Chris Collins is your man.

That’s because as part of his role as a Team Leader on the production line at our South Bank site, he is responsible for ensuring the bhaji lines run smoothly.

When you consider we produce 200,000 bhajis a day, you will understand why his role is so important.
He’s become so knowledgeable that if you lined up all the bhajis we do for our supermarket customers, based on the look, taste and smell, he would be able to tell you exactly which bhaji is sold in which supermarket.

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Stephanie Bell

SK People – Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell compares the process of pitching food to supermarkets to an audition process.

She says there are some similarities between her current role as an New Product Development (NPD) Manager for SK Chilled Foods and the audition process which an Actor would undertake.

That’s because she often finds herself in front of an audience at an ‘audition’, but in her case, it’s food which is bidding for the leading role.

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Emma Bell (1)

SK People – Emma Bell

It’s a good job Emma Bell has Sky+ with a lot of memory, because she needs it for all the food-related shows she records.

From Great British Menu to Masterchef, her planner is always crammed full and that’s not just because she enjoys watching cooking shows.

The main reason is that in her role as a New Product Development Manager for SK Foods, she is always looking for inspiration for “that next big thing”.

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I wish it could be christmas every day

I wish it could be Christmas every day

Staff at SK Chilled Foods don’t need to wish it could be Christmas every day, because it practically is!

Last Christmas was the company’s busiest and most successful ever, with over 50 different products being supplied to most of the UK’s largest supermarkets chains. This included:

  • 3.2 million packs of food supplied to UK supermarkets from October to December.
  • Over 7.1 million pieces of breaded cheese ‘bites’ made
  • 4.7 million duck spring rolls produced

Whilst the thought of Christmas food this early in the year may be too much for many to stomach, in the SK development kitchen they have already started developing the products that people will be eating in 2017.

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Chinese New Year

A busy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has particular significance for chefs John Connell and Jane Beesley – and not just because the food they make is currently being enjoyed by millions of people across the UK.

John and Jane, who work for Teesside-based SK Chilled Foods, were both born in the year of the rooster.

The pair are part of a team responsible for making millions of pieces of food that are supplied to some of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains for Chinese New Year.

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New chefs

New chefs

AN award-winning food company has added two new chefs to its development kitchen as demand for its ethnic snacks and ready meals continues to grow.

SK Chilled Foods now has five chefs working in the development kitchen at its head office in Wynyard, near Billingham.
And the new structure has been introduced to mirror the organisation of restaurant kitchen, with an Executive Chef, Head Chef, Senior Sous Chef and two Sous Chefs.

The two latest additions to the team are Sous Chefs Chris Brown and Oliver Parkinson.

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Abbie Crawford

Abbie Crawford – SK People

It’s just as well Abbie Crawford has a mobile phone with a very large memory.

Whilst most people are taking pictures of their friends, family and pets, Abbie uses hers to take pictures of food – a lot of pictures in fact.

It’s not that surprising given her role as a New Product Development (NPD) Manager.

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Foodman Awards

SK Chilled Foods wins food ‘Oscar’ award

SK Chilled Foods won the ‘judges’ star performer’ category in the Food Manufacturing Magazine Excellence Awards 2016.

Held in London this week, the awards are widely recognised as the most prestigious in the food manufacturing industry. They are aimed at companies who make everything from chilled food through to fresh produce and beverages.

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SK Foods – Shortlisted in Award for Food Manufacturer’s ‘Oscars’

We’re delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in two categories at the Excellence in Food Manufacturing Awards 2016.

We’re proud to be nominated for chilled and fresh produce manufacturing company of the year and for a judges’ star performer award. The nominations focused on the business as a whole and recognised our strong relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. We were able to demonstrate first class customer service, strong technical integrity, category expertise and innovative practices which is a testament to the whole team’s hard work and dedication.

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