Do you remember the Millennium Bug?

As we approached the year 2000, there was genuine fears that the worldwide computer systems around the world would not be able to cope with the numerical change.

Doomsday ‘preppers’ predicted the end of the world, where planes would fall from the sky and nuclear missiles would launch on their own.

Well, we all came though unscathed, thankfully, and all some people were left with were more canned food than they needed, having hoarded in case of the worse.

It was therefore interesting this week to see some people in the food industry compare the Millennium bug with Brexit.

Prepping for the Brexit bug

The sector seems to be divided as to what will happen after 29th March if no deal is reached. With some starting to stockpile to prepare for the worst, whatever that may mean, even a large supermarket like Tesco. They retained their extra provision of freezers, originally rented to increase capacity for Christmas, to stockpile extra frozen foods.

Others, however, for reasons of cost, or just because they think it will all end up being a storm in a teacup, are not ‘prepping’.

Like many things Brexit, we will probably won’t know what will happen until after 31st March. But you should know us by now that we don’t like to take things too seriously in this blog. So whilst the politicians work their magic, or not, we wanted to take an irreverent look. We’re looking at the kinds of food people may wish to stockpile post Brexit. And we’re not talking about tins of beans or bottled water.

Comfort food and frozen indulgence

If it’s all doom and gloom after 29th March, then we will need to turn to comfort food. So you will definitely need pizza, ice cream and chocolate, right? One family is quoted as having stockpiled couscous and quinoa – come on people, where’s the comfort in that!

We may all be glued to the TV post-Brexit to watch the apocalypse unfolding, so we will need to have our TV dinners ready. Thankfully, we’re in an era where frozen dinners are actually quite good. So you are spoilt for choice. How about venison lasagne, beef bourguignon made with the finest rump steak, or creamy fish pie?

Just don’t be tempted to buy a whole canned chicken. Have a look at this clip on Youtube and thank us after for the warning!

Let’s not forget to drink plenty of fluids too. After all we may need to keep our strength up once we have been left to fend for ourselves. Whether it’s as bad as people think, or just another Y2K, by this stage, we’ll all be in need of good drink. So make sure you have enough alcohol in – one way or another, we may need it!!!

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