Where you do stand on the debate of whether to eat out, or at home on Christmas Day?

We ask the question because research out this week shows that restaurant bookings on Christmas Day have risen by 240 per cent in the last five years.

Between 2016 and 2017, reservations jumped by 14 per cent, and they are expected to increase again next week.

For many the choice to eat out is a simple one when faced with the prospect of cooking for the family, which let’s face it can mean a 6am start, and not forgetting the mountain of washing up afterward when the kids suddenly make themselves scarce and the grandparents take a ‘nanna nap’.

The Luddites out there will say this is sacrilege and that Christmas is meant to be spent at home eating a home-cooked meal, instead of overpriced, often dubious, food at a local restaurant or pub.

In our experience, eating out at Christmas Day can be very hit and miss, so if you are dining out on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see what you thought of it.

One thing that is for certain is that whether you eat out, or in, you will no doubt be stuffed, so when it comes to a night-time snack, because let’s face it, Christmas is a time for eating, you want something that is easy to make and won’t leave you reaching for the Gaviscon.

Which is why this recipe is perfect. Have a great Christmas from everyone at SK.

Chorizo & Manchego Croque Monsieur

165 ml single cream
175 ml water
10g butter
40g cornflour
350ml semi-skimmed milk
90g full fat cream cheese
5g sugar white
3mm grated mature cheese

  1. First prepare the béchamel by placing the 120ml of water, butter and cream in pan with the cream cheese, sugar and mature cheese. Bring the mixture to the simmer and add cornflour and the further 55ml of water to thicken. Then set aside until cool. This will make approx. 600g.
  2. Next combine 300g grated manchego cheese, 150g diced chorizo with 250g of the béchamel sauce you have prepared, until fully combined. Next cover a nice slice of white bread, ideally sourdough and place another slice on top. Then cook in a sandwich press or pan fry in butter until golden brown.
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