Could a doughnut be any more perfect?

It’s portable and easy to eat on the go. It’s delicious, obviously. And it’s just got a little bit better too…the humble doughnut is not so humble any more. It’s bright pink and favoured by one of the world’s favourite fathers. Homer Simpson….

That’s right, Krispy Kreme (who know a thing or two about doughnuts, it’s fair to say) have just launched an homage to Homer. The Simpsons D’ohnut has arrived. It’s resplendently pink and covered in sprinkles, just like the ones Homer so enjoys. It’s an Original Glazed, but dipped in white chocolate truffle and with a hint of strawberry flavour. How good does that sound?

There’s a catch however. It’s currently only available in Australia, but sources say that due to a veritable social media storm of interest in this most pink of snacks, it could be making its way to the UK any time. We have our fingers (those not involved in clutching donuts) firmly crossed.

This is hot on the heels of Krispy Kreme’s other newest addition to their fleet (which lets not forget includes the truly awesome Nutella doughnut). They’ve added Original Glazed DoughnutHoles (basically tiny little bites of doughnut, but without the hole) and they are perfect with a cup of tea and sharing. Well, maybe sharing is stretching it a bit….

Fillings are getting more exotic in Doughnut World too…news has reached our ears of Yuzu Curd filled doughnuts, a Snickers-filled doughnut and Eggnog Cream filling too. Savoury flavours are getting more than just a look in too…

We’ve seen evidence of macaroni cheese and bacon doughnuts. And doughnuts topped with slow smoked brisket cubes, bacon, spicy BBQ sauce, and injected with cheese for good measure. We’ve even seen one with onion rings.

Wedding couples are getting in on the act too with last year named as The Year of the Doughnut Wall – not officially or anything. It is how it sounds – instead of a wedding cake, people are opting to have a wall covered in doughnuts for their guests to choose from. Instantly Instagrammable, they look (and we’re sure they taste) amazing.

It’s National Doughnut Week in May, but we can’t wait that long, so in honour of the D’ohnut, we are starting early. Here’s a recipe.

Chocolate Brownie Burger Doughnut

Ingredients and method:

Chocolate brownie:
Melted Butter 190g
Soft brown sugar 150g
Caster sugar 150g
Eggs 3x large
Plain flour 100g
Best quality cocoa powder 100g
Honey 75g
Desiccated coconut 40g

Pre heat oven to 160oc. Whisk together sugar and eggs till light and fluffy While still whisking pour in melted butter and honey. Fold in flour and coconut till smooth and all combined. Pour into a 25cm square rubber silicone mould and bake 30-40 mins. Chill.

Sour Pineapple compote:
Tinned pineapple chunks 500g
Lemon juice 100mls
Brown sugar 100g
Water 100g
Place all ingredients in a large pan and cook till most of the liquid is gone and your left with shiny thick compote taste to check for sourness add more sugar or lemon if required.

Brioche doughnut buns:
Strong bread flour 250g
Salt 3.5g
Caster sugar 25g plus extra for tossing cooked doughnuts in.
Instant yeast 6g
Warm full fat milk 70 mls
Eggs medium x3
Soft butter unsalted 125g
Place all ingredient in an electric mixer and with the dough hook and mix till soft sticky dough is formed roughly 15 mins. Preheat deep fryer 180oc. Chill the mix for a minimum 2 hours Once chilled roll out to about 2cm on a floured bench and cut out with a 60mm round cutter place in oil and cook both side 2-3 mins each. Once cooked drain on kitchen paper then toss in sugar.

Honey mascarpone:
Mascarpone 300g
Honey 75g
Double cream 40g
Whisk all ingredients till thickened slightly and then chill.

Churros chips:
Water 200g
Sugar 40g plus 100g for cinnamon sugar
Cinnamon powder 20g
Salt 3g
Plain flour 125g
Baking powder 3g

Preheat deep fat fryer to 180oc. In a pan bring to the boil water, sugar and salt Then add flour and baking powder and beat off the heat until smooth. Leave to cool slightly then pipe through a star nozzle directly into the fryer. Cook till golden brown. Once cooked drain on kitchen paper, mix the sugar and cinnamon then then toss in the churros.

Cut out a disk of the brownie using the 60mm cutter then using all the components build the doughnut burger.



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