Easter is known as the time for sweet treats (and who doesn’t love chocolate and hot cross buns!) and a time for family gatherings – which we all know means lots of food!

We don’t really need much of an excuse to start trying out new recipes for family get-togethers, whether they are picnics out and about, or more formal “gatherings”, and while chocolate and sweets are probably on the menu somewhere, these tend to be where the savoury dishes take centre stage.

However, let’s not discount chocolate out of hand. We all got pretty excited when we saw this video of the team at Bettys making the most giant, delicious and detailed chocolate egg. It pretty much put us in the mood for Easter – a month ago!

That then got us talking about the sorts of foods that represent Easter, both sweet and savoury too. Often people here in the UK think of the great spring vegetables as part of their Easter feast along with lamb and of course, eggs! All delicious and great to enjoy with your family.

You could even Easter theme your entire day – how about delicious Eggs Benedict for breakfast followed by a sumptuous roast lamb and rosemary with spring vegetables, followed by an oozy and delicious chocolate fondant? After all that gorgeous food, you could enjoy a light supper of grilled hot cross buns with lashings of butter too!

Across the world though, people eat very differently to us at Easter. While the focus does still seem to be on the sweet, there’s a touch of savoury in there too.

There’s Pashka in Russia, a pyramid dessert, a candied peel dessert called Colomba di Pasqua in Italy (it looks tooth-rottingly sweet but oh so delicious!) and mixing sweet and savoury is the Capirotada, from Mexico which is a kind of spiced Mexican bread pudding filled with raisins, cinnamon, cloves and cheese. Yum!

Only Germany with its Chervil soup seems to prefer a savoury touch at Easter.

We’ll keep looking and trying out some savoury Easter treats but for now we’ll be putting our orders in for plenty of chocolate!

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