How many times have you been in a restaurant with a partner or friend and got food envy because the dish they chose is much nicer than yours?

It’s something that happens with my wife and I on a regular basis, and because of my job, we eat out a lot!

It even got the point where we would order two main courses and swap half way through so we wouldn’t miss out – which can be infuriating when you know you have ordered something far superior!

This is one of the reasons why, recently, we have increasingly opted for restaurants that do tapas.

Whereas tapas used to be the domain of Spanish restaurants, it’s pleasing to see other establishments recognising the benefits of serving small plates.

Food, after all, is a very social experience so what’s better than people being able to try a little bit of everything so you can dissect it bite by bite together?

We recently ate at a restaurant called Skosh in York, which was a very good example of the new style of tapas.

Skosh takes its name from the Japanese term ‘sukoshi’ which means ‘a little: a small amount’ and they have certainly taken the concept of tapas and elevated it to another level.

Their menu includes hens egg with sweetcorn and summer truffle, homemade sourdough bread with salted butter and gunpowder salt, lamb belly katsu with picked lemon puree, fried chicken with smoke garlic and lemon thyme emulsion and vegetable slaw, chocolate slice with salted lime caramel, coconut and burnt butterscotch and goats curd marshmallow with raspberry and lychee.

What’s even better is that none of the dishes I have just listed cost more than £7, so a visit won’t break the bank either.

So when it comes to food, don’t let the green eyed monster get the better of you – share and share alike!

John Connell
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