As the nation prepares to take a well earned breather to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, it’s worth reflecting on the influence Her Majesty has had on modern life.

During her 70-year reign she has inspired many through her choice of clothes, jewellery, hairstyle and of course established corgis as the pet by royal command.

The Queen has also inspired great food, beginning with Coronation Chicken, a delicious combination of chopped chicken and curry paste which, like her Majesty, has certainly stood the test of time.

Also known as Poulet Reine Elizabeth, the dish celebrated the Queen’s coronation in 1953 and was created by food writer and flower arranger Constance Spry and chef Rosemary Hume, both principals at the Cordon Bleu cookery school in London.

What to buy the mother-in-law at Christmas can be a tricky puzzle for most people but imagine she’s the Queen, who during her long reign has probably received more gifts than any other living person.

Kate Middleton kept it simple and her gift of homemade chutney, made to her own granny’s recipe, proved a hit and now regularly features on the Queen’s table, especially at the Royal’s Balmoral getaway, the perfect relish for locally bred game.

According to Royal chefs, Dover sole is a favourite main course for the Queen as well as Gaelic Steak – a fillet of venison or beef in a mushroom and whisky sauce.

For dessert, chocolate cake is preferred to the Victoria sponge named after her predecessor, though it’s possible the Queen might this year sample some lemon and swiss roll amaretti trifle – winner of the recent British Bake-off style Platinum Jubilee Pudding contest that attracted over 5,000 entrants.

The Queen is also partial to scones made from buttermilk and sultanas –  which she likes to share with the corgis.

And to wash it all down, Her Majesty is a fan of Earl Grey tea or for something a little stronger, a cocktail of gin and dubonnet.

Whatever your particular tastes, SK offers a wide ready to eat or easy to cook range to take care of all your food needs. So, enjoy the Jubilee – a Bank Holiday 70 years in the making.

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