So, who has given up something for Lent?

In the days before Veganuary, Dry January, Stoptober etc, the only time of the year when people tended to forgo nice things was Lent.

Of course, this six-and-a-half week period before Easter was originally a Christian tradition involving fasting. But like many things it has become commercialised and something to jump on the bandwagon about. St Patrick’s Day being just one of the many others that spring to mind. Isn’t it amazing how many people suddenly enjoy drinking Guinness on 17th March?

Now, Lent has morphed into the giving up of something indulgent. Alcohol and chocolate being two of the obvious ones, but that’s a bit boring isn’t it?

In our research (yes we do it from time to time!) for this blog, we came across some much better examples of what people are giving up for Lent. This year, our favourite being a man from Ohio in the United States who is shunning all solid food and consuming nothing but beer for the next six weeks.

Del Hall says he was inspired by 17th century Bavarian monks who subsided on nutrient-fortified beer during Lent. He hopes his unusual ‘fast’ will help him overcome his addiction to junk food laden with carbohydrates and sugar.

Del fasts every day until 1pm, when he drinks his first beer of the day. He then has another few after work, he works in a brewery so it’s literally on tap! He is also allowing himself to drink black coffee, unsweetened tea, as well as water – what a cheat!

As much as we like a beer or three, we’re obviously not suggesting you should try this at home!

If you have, however, stuck to tradition and given up something ‘normal’, such as chocolate, you could try Sainsbury’s ‘Cheesalicious Easter Egg’. It’s made from 120g of cheddar and comes with a packet of oatcakes and chutney.

And when Lent ends and you reach for your first bit of chocolate, how about the marmite-flavoured chocolate egg being sold by Asda?

On second thoughts, pass me a beer!!!

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