So, how are the New Year resolutions going?

Does that one remaining festive bottle of wine remain uncorked?  Have you succumbed to chocolate yet? Are your daily steps on target?

There’s nothing new about New Year resolutions in fact we’ve been setting them – and breaking them – for 4,000 years. 

It started with the ancient Babylonians promising to repay debts and lead better lives.

The Romans then named the first month of the year after the two faced God, Janus. He was able to look to the past and the future so Romans would honour him with resolutions to atone for their faults.

In medieval times Knights would renew their vows of chivalry at the start of the year and various religions have incorporated resolutions as part of their faith.

In more modern times, various campaigns have twigged onto the fact that new year offers a chance to encourage people to change their lifestyle and numerous surveys carried out over the past century have revealed each year 40% of us have a go.

Research by GoCompare suggests personal health was at the forefront of our minds when we awoke on January 1. The most popular resolution for 2022 was to lose weight, second was to eat healthier and third to get fitter and take more exercise.     

It’s estimated 20% of those who drink alcohol will try to go booze free for Dry January, whilst Veganuary is becoming more and more popular every year with participants trying out a plant-based diet for a month.

A key tip for success is to look at it as an opportunity to try new food and drink rather than simply giving stuff up and for some people going vegan for a month offers this, as well as delivering the double whammy of losing weight and eating healthy.

Psychologists agree, the best recipe for success is to make resolutions realistic and achievable and at SK foods our vegan options, inspired by global cuisine, can help.

There’s now a wider range available on supermarket shelves than ever before including onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, beetroot falafels and spring rolls, plus a wide range of vegan dips and sauces. Preparation is simple and you can use the time saved for a quick jog.

Happy New Year to all, and good luck with those resolutions.

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