It was world Nutella day earlier this week. The internet was awash with stories and recipes about this chocolate spread. Created by an Italian baker in the 1940s and now an international phenomenon.

Our favourite story was about a member of the Royal family. They are rumoured to use Nutella as a face cream! There’s even a demonstration on one newspaper’s website –  – who says hard news journalism is dead?

There’s also interesting facts like how Nutella outsells Marmite in the UK. One jar of the spread is sold ever 2.5 seconds worldwide and that someone even invented a lock to stop people stealing his spread.

What was less spoken about was the image that went viral a few years ago. The image replaced the chocolate with the quantities of  ingredients contained in a jar. Sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa, hazelnuts and palm oil that make up an average jar were displayed instead. Let’s put it this way, it didn’t make you want to rush out to buy some!

Interestingly, the company which make Nutella have never came out to confirm or deny whether the picture is an accurate description. Preferring just to state that they prefer to safeguard the ingredients to keep it unique.

There again, there are lots of foods that if you strip away the final product, they will not look quite as appetising.

If you Google ‘is Nutella good for you’ or ‘is Nutella bad for you’, unsurprisingly, you get very different responses. But to be fair that same applies to pretty much every internet search in the world. Apparently, the Moon landings were fake, Elvis is still alive and the earth is flat etc etc.

It does, of course, have some benefits. Hazelnuts are good for your heart and the spread does contain a small amount of key nutrients, such as fibre, iron and calcium.

So, we think it’s fine if you want to put a small amount on your toast or pancakes – at the end of the day it’s like a lot of the food we eat, fine in moderation.

Or you could just spread it on your face…..

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