Adam McFarlane is part of the “Food Police” at SK Foods.

That’s his own definition of the role he undertakes as a Quality Assurance (QA) Auditor, based at our South Bank site.

Adam is responsible for ensuring that all the correct procedures are being followed in the production of our food. This covers everything from ensuring the refrigerators are all at the right temperature, through to ensuring the packaging is exactly how the customer specified.

There’s also a lot of touching, smelling and eating food involved!

Adam explains: “Our supermarket customers have very exacting standards so we need to ensure the food we make for them meets these standards to the letter.

“So, that means we need to ensure the correct cheese is being used or that the samosas we make have not been undercooked or overcooked, and we even need to ensure that pastry we use for some of our products is the right thickness.

“This is because when it arrives with the customer, they will literally get a ruler out and if it’s not correct, it can be sent back.”

Adam is one of four QAs working at South Bank and they are supported by a QA Manager, Technical Manager, Team Leaders and Supervisors.

He adds: “We have a really good team working hard to ensure the food we make and send to our customers is of the highest quality.

“This why we have taste panels every day but with 20 different products to try, it’s definitely not an all you can eat buffet.

“The taste is important, obviously, but we are also smelling the food and touching it to ensure it’s the right texture; there are so many different checks.”

Adam admits that he sometimes does take his work home with him.

He explains: “Because food hygiene and safety is all important in this company, I drive my wife crazy when we are at a restaurant and I see something I don’t like, or when she is in the kitchen and I ask if what she has made is at the correct temperature.”

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