It may not seem like it, based on the weather in April – although Prince (RIP) did sing about it snowing in April, but spring has definitely sprung the SK kitchen.

It’s one of our favourite times of the year because so many of the amazing ingredients we use are at their very best.

So, what should you be looking to buy and how should you cook it?

Well, British asparagus tastes fantastic in spring. Keep it simple by griddling the spears until they are lightly marked and serve with some lemon juice and grated parmesan.

Jersey royal new potatoes taste lovely at any time of the year but there’s something about having them in spring which makes them taste even better. Gently boil and serve with lots of butter and a little bit of mint and chive.

Radishes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we love them. They taste great in salads or stir fried as they are so versatile.

Samphire, a green sea vegetable, has been around forever but programmes like Masterchef have really put them in the spotlight in recent years. Not surprisingly, it goes great with fish.

Watercress is a natural superfood and despite what you may think, as it’s related to the mustard family, it’s one of the strongest salad leaves available. It’s fantastic served as a soup, either by its own or with peas.

Cockles taste particularly great this time of the year, especially if you eat them on the coast after they have just been plucked from the sea.

Spring lamb is so-called because it’s the best time to eat it. Roast it and serve with new potatoes, carrots, broccoli and mint sauce.

These are just some of our spring favourites, and we could go on and on, but we would like to hear what you like eating at this time of year.

Katie Beaumont
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