How many times have you heard talk about a BBQ summer, only for the great British weather to put a dampener on it?

Well, dear blog, reader, we’re in the final full month of summer 2020 (the best year bar none……said no one ever!!!) so come rain, hail or shine, we’re determined to go out in a blaze of glory.

Yep, we’re getting our barbie on throughout August.

We don’t mind how you do your BBQ. Gas, charcoal, electric and even (gulp) portable, we don’t care as long as you do it.

To help you get started, here are some useful BBQ ‘hacks’, but please keep them to yourself because remember, the first role of BBQ Club is, you DO NOT talk about BBQ Club.

  1. Use a ball of scrunched up tin foil to remove stubborn burnt on meat from your grill bars.
  2. When grilling like a pro, pop an ice cube on top of the burger, this will help to keep your burgers nice and juicy when grilling.
  3. Use a clean muffin tray to hold all your burger sauces and other condiments.
  4. Fill a spray bottle with apple juice and use to spray on all your meats this will help things stay moist and add a great caramelised flavour.
  5. When cooking jacket potatoes pierce with metal kebab skewers this will cut down on your cooking time and also will also give you a great fluffy potato.
  6. Poaching your sausages first in some salted boiling water will keep all the juices encased in the skin, this will give you juicer more flavourful sausage.
  7. Always season your BBQ meats and veg with salt and pepper, especially when making homemade burgers. Salt will actually help to keep the meat together and stops them falling apart while cooking.
  8. BBQ are supposed to be a social enjoyable time so don’t stress and stretch yourself, 3 meats a few veggie side-dishes, buns or bread and drinks is plenty.
  9. Help to keep your meat cooked without being burnt when using a charcoal BBQ by stacking more coals on one side this allows you to swap from side to side when the heat is too intense or the flames are too high.
  10. Leave your meat alone. Allowing the heat and smoke to penetrate by not continuously moving it around this will give you an even cook.
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