REPORTING TO: Shift Manager

DEPUTISES FOR: From time to time you may be required to deputise for other Team Leaders during times of their absence.
SKILLS REQUIRED: The ability to work on your own initiative, have a positive and respectful attitude, excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and the ability to motivate others.
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Leading a team on a daily basis and assisting the Shift Manager to achieve the DMR.

⦁ To ensure the line is set up prior to the start of the shift to allow production to start on time.
You must be available 30 minutes before the start of your shift to receive instructions from the Shift Manager about what your team’s start up will be. You must then make sure the line is set up and ready to run for the team coming in.

⦁ Ensure team members are fully aware of their duties and tasks upon arrival.
You must organise your team and get them into place as soon as possible. Always be aware of where your team is and what they are doing at all times. They are your responsibility.

⦁ Liaise with the Shift Manager to ensure you are fully conversant with the DMR and identify what is required to enable the team to meet the plan. You must, as soon as your line is running, speak to the Shift Manager to attain the daily production plan for your team. You must obtain all the relevant information to keep the line going.

⦁ Ensure the line is fully supplied at all times to avoid unnecessary stoppage. You must go through your plan and work out exactly what materials you will need to supply the line. You must then go into the chillers and check there are sufficient raw materials to produce the plan. If there are not enough materials then you must inform your Shift Manager immediately.

⦁ Monitor the output of the line and ensure that production targets are achieved. You must be fully aware of how fast your line is working and carry out checks during and at the end of the run. It is vital you know how well (or not) the team is doing regarding output. Remember your team’s output is your responsibility.

⦁ Monitor all weight and traceability control procedures and ensure they are recorded. You must fully understand the paperwork and procedures used regarding weight and traceability as the company has a legal obligation to maintain this correctly by law.

⦁ Ensure all waste is kept to a minimum at all times. You must ensure that waste is controlled at all times. This is an important issue as it costs the business a lot of money. You must reduce waste, control and record it.

⦁ Report any machine faults to the engineers immediately. You must be aware that you can not carry out your job correctly if any machines used by your team are faulty. You must report it immediately.

⦁ Ensure your Shift Manager is aware of any training needs. You must ensure that everyone in your team, including yourself, is fully up to date on all required training. By ensuring everyone is fully trained this will enable the line to run more efficiently. If you feel anyone would benefit from training you should speak to your Shift Manager. Remember it is your responsibility to make sure your team receives adequate training to enable them to carry out their jobs.

⦁ Ensure health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility but as a Team Leader you have an extra responsibility to ensure that safe working practices are carried out on and around your team. If someone is working or acting dangerously you must stop them. Ignoring such action could result in disciplinary action.

⦁ Ensure hygiene standards are maintained at all times. You must ensure your line and area are kept clean at all times. It is not acceptable to use heavy workloads as an excuse for mess. Remember you work in a food factory and hygiene is important.

⦁ Organise and control the team’s breaks. You must organise your team’s breaks around the shift and ensure that they do not take longer than they are entitled to. If members of your team are abusing this you must report them to the Shift Manager.


⦁ Availability to overtime. As a Team Leader you will be required, from time to time, to work a reasonable amount of overtime.

⦁ Flexible working attitude. From time to time you may be required to transfer onto a different line or work in a different area to meet the needs of production. The company requires its Team Leaders to be flexible and to be willing to do so if required.

⦁ To set an example to the team on adherence to Company policies and procedures. As a Team Leader you are expected to maintain the same level of authority at all times whilst on site. This means that you should continue to work in a professional manner, not only during your time on the factory floor but at other times whilst on site e.g. changing rooms, canteen etc.

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