Food. It’s our passion.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality chilled foods. Our unique range of core manufacturing competencies includes frying, kettle cooking, baking and sauce creation that offers a greater breadth of possibilities to our customers. It’s this, coupled with our continued investment in production facilities and our staff, that has enabled the development of innovative ranges by an experienced and dedicated workforce.

When it comes to our award-winning food, we are perfectionists. We pay extra attention to detail to ensure our diverse, globally-inspired ranges are always improving.

Our outstanding customer service, tasty snacks and quick turnaround is all down to our fantastic team of staff. Their commitment and dedication is reflected in the end-product – wonderful food ranges for our customers.


We understand that the needs of our customers aren’t always straightforward. This is why we are always quick to respond with a tailored solution to meet individual requirements.


Providing excellent customer service is an important aspect of any successful business. We go above and beyond to make sure every experience with SK Foods is a positive one.


We work in true collaboration with our customers. We ensure our products meet their consumers’ needs and optimise any opportunities for the chilled category as a whole.

SK Foods - Innovation.


Discover, create, develop; our process of innovation is a recipe for success. Our experienced Product Development team provide customers with new and original product options.

SK Foods - Technology.


Technical integrity is high on our agenda. Our processes seamlessly integrate with technical and brand standards across our three BRC A+ rated manufacturing facilities.

SK Foods - Passion.


First class service makes us a trusted business partner. Our combination of our skill and experience, hard work and determination means we can always respond quickly.

For the last 25 years, we’ve evolved and improved, picking up awards and accolades along the way.

We’ve always been at the heart of the Teesside community, and our home is extremely special to us. When it comes to supporting our neighbours, we take our position as a business very seriously. Where possible we help out with local charities and sports teams. It’s rewarding to be an active contributor to the local economy – we love to see the Teesside area thrive.

While contributing to the local community is close to our hearts, the environment is equally as important to us. Any waste foods stuffs are recycled responsibly and our waste oil is used to create useful energy.

Are you interested in joining one of the UK’s leading manufacturers in the chilled food manufacturing sector? View our Careers page and get in touch today!

If you're interested in joining one of the UK's largest manufacturers in the food manufacturing industry, please view our careers section. We'd love to hear from you!

Our people


We operate with a team that is talented, experienced and driven to produce only best results and who share a passion for food.

The dedication and commitment of our colleagues is evident across our business, from our manufacturing colleagues to our warehouse team and everyone in between! Together, we’re what makes SK Foods the UK’s leading choice for own-label chilled food ranges.


The creation of SK Chilled Foods when Savoury Kitchens and Muskaan Foods were acquired by Speciality Food Group.
Distribution and head office functions move to Wynyard site from Riverside.
Prawn toast production line added at Riverside. A new capability (and allergen) for SK.
Production expanded at South Bank facility to include the processing of crispy proteins. A natural complementary product for Pan Asian cuisines.
A large extension to our South Bank facility, increasing not only capacity but improvements to the production line and low of production within the factory.
Construction of dedicated ‘cheese plant’ at South Bank, sparking a move into the breaded cheese market.

SK engineers develop a unique piece of plant to scoop potato for loaded shells. The patent-pending ‘potato scooper’ allowed superior product quality and reduced waste.
Purchase of authentic wonton machine from Japan, automating a previously handmade product and a more consistent wonton for retailers.
Win the Judges' Star at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards.
Extension to Riverside facility which almost doubles the manufacturing capacity of the site.

Win both the Chilled Food Manufacturer of the Year and Overall Manufacturer of the Year at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards.

Win Waste Warrior Award at ASDA Sustain & Save Awards.