About SK Chilled Foods

Food. It’s our passion. We eat (of course!), sleep and breathe it. You’d expect that from the country’s leading producer of ethnic snacks and ready-meals. While we’re the UK’s biggest maker of these delicious fresh foods, we still believe in the personal touch.

We create ranges of delicious chilled snack foods and ready-to-enjoy meals alongside our clients, who include the top supermarkets in the UK. Our passions are food and people - getting our ingredients right, making food that people want to eat. We have the right people in place to do that for our customers.

We think this passion comes through in our ranges which include dishes from India, Spain, Mexico and the Orient - you can literally taste it.

We are reassuring

Our customers can feel reassured that we’re established, continually developing for the future, constantly refining and responsible.

We are Curious

We don’t believe curiosity killed the cat. We think it’s a valuable asset and encourage our team to look at new and different ways to do things, to improve things and search for solutions.

We are Reliable

Our customers can be sure that the combination of our skill and experience, hard work and determination means we can respond quickly.

Our Provenance

SK is Teesside “born and bred”.

We’ve been growing over the last 25 years and have three innovative, highly specified and technically advanced factory sites in the area, expertly manned by a team of 600 people. We’re not showing off, but all this makes us one of the largest of our kind in the country!

If you are interested in joining one of the UK's largest manufacturers in the food manufacturing industry please view our careers section.

Our Community

We’re at the heart of the Teesside community. It’s where our staff live, it’s where we’ve always been and it’s important to us. We’re one of the region’s largest employers and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We want to link with the Teesside community, be a good neighbour, a valued employer and vibrant contributor to the local economy.

We’re also responsible environmentally. Any waste food stuffs (and we try to keep that down to an absolute minimum!) is recycled responsibility to create energy.

Did you know?

Never mind Ripley’s Believe it or Not, here are our unbelievable truths and fascinating facts...

  • Our teams create more than one million onion bhajis a week – that’s the equivalent of 263 adult blue whales (the largest animal in the world)
  • In an entire year we make around 58 million spring rolls – that’s enough to stretch from Middlesbrough to Beijing!
  • We start creating Christmas ranges with our customers about 10 days after Christmas every year!
  • One of our chefs has worked with not one, but two, celebrity chefs. Another worked at Disneyland Paris!