Chris Brown

Sous Chef

What’s Chris's role?

Chris’s experience includes working alonside ‘celebrity’ chef Tony Singh, as a head pastry chef at a fine dining establishment in Edinburgh, and working at the Michelin starred Bistro 21 run by Terry Laybourne.
His passion for food started at a young age, and he has worked in kitchens since he was a teenager, training on the job and learning all he can about food. He says this is a fantastic way to learn and with 15 years as a chef, his appetite to learn still isn’t waning!

Who I’ve worked for

Celebrity chef Tony Singh. I was the Head Pastry Chef at his fine dining restaurant in Edinburgh. Also I worked in the kitchen of the michelin-starred Bistro 21 which was run by Terry Laybourne.


I started at 16 so I have trained on the job, which is a fantastic way to learn.

How long I’ve been a chef

12 years and I have loved every minute of it.

Areas of expertise

Pastry and American food

Best dish

Steak sirloin

Favourite food

Pizza, especially ham and pineapple. Hawaiian food is the next big thing!

Favourite chef

James Martin. He’s got a similar background to me.

Top Cheffie tip

Never put off a job that can be done today.