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Our Creations

From delicate Oriental treats to tapas-style treats that will take you to the shores of the Mediterranean, via the punchy flavours of Tex Mex and the aromatic nature of Indian food – our chefs can take your customers on a taste journey through our range of snacks.

From spring rolls to hand-folded samosas, our snacks stand out. Not just because they’re made with care, dedication and with an eye for detail, and not just because we create them alongside our customers, going on a journey of discovery together. It’s because they taste great, and we deliver on time, every time.

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Our People

We’re all about people – they’re what makes SK Foods a success. We don’t forget that integral to that success are our colleagues, their commitment is what allows us to do the very best we can for our customers and to go that extra mile – whether that’s our chefs or sales teams, our distribution colleagues and everyone else in between.

With opportunities for training and development, we’re committed to doing the best we can to support people as they support SK Foods.

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Our Brands

SK Foods don’t just create delicious and varied ranges for our larger supermarket and other clients, we also have our own brand snacks – Mrs Lam's serves up tasty Oriental nibbles while our Spice of Life range will transport the taster to India!

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About UsA little something about who we are


It’s our passion. We eat (of course!), sleep and breathe it.

We don’t like to use the words “product” or “manufacture”. We’re making delicious fresh foods every day.

We create recipes from which our ranges of delicious chilled snack foods and ready-to-enjoy meals are born. We do this alongside our clients, who include the top supermarkets in the UK, using the skills of our chefs and taking inspiration from tempting flavours from across the world.

As you’d expect, our chefs use only the best fresh ingredients, their imagination and enthusiasm to craft each individual mouthful – and they care about getting it just right, tasting and testing until they’re certain of perfection. They’re looking for flavour combinations that tempt the diner to reach out, choose and enjoy.

This true enthusiasm for creating the right flavours is why our ranges are so successful for our customers. You can taste the creativity, the thought and care that go into every bite. Our ranges include exotic and exciting dishes featuring the tastes of India, Spain, Mexico and the Orient.

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Our InnovationA Leader of the UK’s chilled & frozen snack foods industry

We’re constantly striving to stay ahead, helping our clients deliver what their customer wants to choose from the shelf – not just now, or next month but into the future. To do this we keep one eye firmly on the future – what’s on the menu in restaurants? What are chefs around the world creating? What do people want to eat?

We focus on insight – this comes from a lot of sources. We get out there – we eat in restaurants (it’s a tough job), we sample street food fare, we monitor trends, we read every magazine we can get our hands on and most importantly – we ask people. Research is a huge part of how we keep ahead of what’s happening now, to what’s coming up. Customers can be reassured we’ve got our finger on the foodie pulse!

When you combine this with our on-going investment in training and development for staff and in bricks and mortar new premises (our third site came on line recently adding a great new range of capabilities as strings to our food bow including yummy breaded cheeses), you see that we don’t just talk about innovation – we do it!



What do our chefs do? Where do they come from? What drives them?

Well, that’s easy to find out – you can ask them yourself! Our team of development chefs are accessible and accountable – they meet with clients to develop blueprints for ranges from chilled to party foods.

And then they get to it, sometimes creating more than 20 different choices in our development kitchen – honing until they get it perfect. They’re looking for flavour combinations that tempt the diner to reach out, choose and enjoy.

How are they inspired? These are foodies – they read, they eat out, they are curious about what the latest food trends are and make sure ranges reflect what the buying public want to eat. Each one of them still gets that buzz from seeing the finished recipe on the shelf, just waiting to be enjoyed. And if you think about it, potentially millions of people are enjoying their food every single day.