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Welcome to SK Chilled FoodsThe UK’s leading producer of ethnic snacks and ready-meals

SK Chilled Foods uses the cutting edge of technology in our three state-of-the-art manufacturing sites combined with creativity to create our ranges of chilled snack foods and meal accompaniments across worldwide cuisines. We find the best suppliers for everything from our ingredients to our packaging.

Our chefs use only the best fresh ingredients, their imagination and enthusiasm to craft each mouthful – and they care about getting it just right, tasting and testing until they’re certain of perfection.

You can taste the creativity, the thought and care that go into every bite.

Our Creations

From delicate Oriental treats to tapas-style treats that will take you to the shores of the Mediterranean, via the punchy flavours of Tex Mex and the aromatic nature of Indian food – our chefs can take your customers on a taste journey through our range of snacks.

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Our People

We don’t forget that integral to our success are our colleagues, their commitment is what allows us to do the very best we can for our customers and to go that extra mile – whether that’s our chefs or sales teams, our distribution colleagues and everyone else in between.

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Our Brands

SK Chilled Foods don’t just create delicious and varied ranges for our larger supermarket and other clients, we also have our own brand snacks – Mrs Lam's serves up tasty Oriental nibbles while our Spice of Life range will transport the taster to India!

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