What do apples, venison, blackberries, oysters, crab, parsnips and runner beans have in common?

They are all in season during British Food Fortnight, which we are currently marking.

We all know the UK is brimming with wonderful produce – both ingredients and finished products. We use a lot of it in our kitchen to create really delicious flavours.  For example, when it’s in season what is better than British-grown asparagus, with a free-range, locally laid poached egg – maybe with a touch of Hollandaise sauce?

There’s a reason Stornaway are so proud and protective of their black-pudding and Melton Mowbray similarly so for their pork pies. There’s a reason you see people picking their own brambles (or blackberries, depending on which part of the UK you’re from!) from hedgerows. Because they all taste really good!

This year celebrates the 14th year of British Food Fortnight, which started on 19th September and runs until 4 October 2015.  The fortnight promotes all that is good about our home-grown food.  There are, in the UK, more types of cheese than France, 350 types of potato providing a range of tastes and textures, and seasonal vegetables that provide just what we need at that time of year.

Why not pick or grow British food?   Visit your local butcher or farm shop for cuts of meat or the freshest fruit and veg. Then be creative and pull it together into a delicious meal!

British Food Fortnight
It doesn’t have to be complicated either. Have a look at the picture of bacon eggy bread we made on out kitchen. It’s quick and easy and what could be more British than bacon and eggs?

Visit Love British Food to find out more.



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