Korean fajitas

Asian fusion

Asian fusion food may be the norm now, but believe it or not, and this will depend on your age, in the not too distant past a night out at the local Chinese restaurant was considered a real treat.

You would order prawn crackers, sweet and sour chicken, beef and black bean sauce, and egg fried rice, and even a strange sounding beer, and think it was the height of sophistication.

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Jane Beesley
Development & Innovations Chef of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
chocolate chip cookies

Every day is chocolate day

Do you know there is a World Chocolate Day? Well, I think every day is chocolate day!

Who could believe that so much pleasure can be had from such a simple product? In really good chocolate, there’s not lots of ingredients (although I am fond of a sea salt or chilli enhanced chocolate) and it’s that simplicity that appeals.

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Development & Innovation Chef of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
American food

God bless American food

We love American food – there’s sometimes nothing better than a burger, fries and onion rings – with all the “fixin’s” of course. Pickle, mustard, relish and ketchup. A good American meal should need several napkins (we one ate in a restaurant in New York called Five Napkin Burger!) and leave you with a food-stained face.

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Executive New Product Development Chef of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
Beef burrito

Celebrity Masterchef 2015

We’re impressed, in a B-list kind of way, with the line-up of Celebrity Masterchef 2015.

Competing for the 2015 title include Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud), Chesney Hawkes (the one and only), Keith Chegwin (take your pick but we liked Cheggars Plays Pop) and Strictly Come Dancing star Natalie Lowe.

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Gary Olive
Development & Innovations Chef of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
jeremy faulkner evening gazette feature

Evening Gazette Feature

An Evening Gazette feature on SK Chilled Foods.

The Evening Gazette newspaper recently ran a feature on SK after conducting an interview with Managing Director Jeremy Faulkner.

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Marketing Executive of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.