If you believe the internet the number one food trend of last year was cloud bread.

Yes, you can forget those traditional favourites of fish and chips, spag bol and chicken tikka masala because, with 3.4 billion views, the light and fluffy bread substitute was the TikTok food trend of 2022.

But before you rush out and stock up on the key ingredients of cream cheese, eggs and cream of tartar, it might be worth remembering that the food search trends of 2021 boldly predicted that potato milk would sweep all before it on the supermarket shelves. As far as we know, cows are still in business.

If you prefer something of substance over flash in the pan then take a stroll round any of the increasing number of food markets popping up across the UK where you can’t help but notice the prevalence of a street food that dates back thousands of years.

Because if was 5,000 years ago during an era when the Bronze Age began and the first ever writing heralded the start of the recorded age that the people of Ancient Egypt began eating falafel.

They knew they were onto something because falafel translates as “small tasty thing” and the basic ingredients of soaked and ground chickpeas or fava beans shaped into a patty or ball then baked or fried have remained constant through the ages.

The addition of spices, and titbits to suit individual tastes led to falafels sweeping across the Middle East and from the port of Alexandria, across to Europe and the rest of the world. Popping them into pitta breads made them easier to eat on the go and douse with various sauces.

In the UK restaurants dedicated to the food including Operation: Falafel, Go Falafel and Falafel n Juice all saw new openings last year and the food’s appearance on gastro pub menus is a clear sign that in Britain the food has truly arrived.

At SK Foods we like to be ahead of the curve. We’ve been making falafels for many years and they are now one of our most popular ranges.

So, for a taste that has truly stood the test of time why not try one of our varieties of falafel – including beetroot, Moroccan and vegan options.