When it comes to a day of devotion, it has to be said that fathers get the best of the parental deal.

With Mothers’ Day falling in March the options available in the UK are often limited weather wise.

Experiential presents are all well and good but having to break the ice before enjoying a wild swim or wrapping up in thermals for the barbeque just doesn’t cut the mustard. No wonder it’s the most popular day in the UK for pub meals.

Meanwhile Fathers’ Day falls this year on the much more sensible June 19, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Contrary to what you might think, the day isn’t just a fairly recent invention by marketing people eager to sell more cards which are either extremely sickly sweet or take the mickey out of dads. Nor is it just an excuse for shops to dust down those horrendously garish mugs with “world’s best dad” emblazoned across.  

No, the term Fathers’ Day dates back over 100 years and the seeds were sown by two tragedies.

In 1898 in Arkansas, Ellen Smart died giving birth to her sixth child, Marshall.

It fell to her husband William to raise their six children, with the help of the eldest and his only daughter, the then 16-year-old Sonoro.

In 1908 Sonoro heard of a memorial service held in Virginia for 361 men who had died in a devastating coalmining accident, leaving 1,000 children without fathers.

Moved by this, and reflecting on the sacrifices her own dad had made to raise his children, Sonoro suggested a national day of celebration be held each year in June, the month of her own father’s birthday.

The idea hit a chord not just in the US but across the globe and the term “Fathers’ Day” was born, with most countries adopting the second or third Sunday in June as the official date.

Surveys suggest fathers can expect a gift costing on average £24 this year with socks and pants the most predictable. Or how about this year’s craze – a bacon bouquet. Yes, strips of bacon rolled tight so the ends look a bit like a rose about to bloom, wrapped in a tortilla.

Though food and drink factors highly in any survey about what dad’s actually want, it’s spending time with the family that comes out top.

That is also the case for men who have everything. A survey of millionaires showed the gift they wanted most was time with family to create memories.

So why not combine the best of both worlds, a meal with dad, or remembering dad or any male role model.

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