A group of children were given food for thought after a visit from SK Foods.

As part of their Geography lessons, Year 5 and 6 pupils at Howletch Lane Primary School in Peterlee listened to a presentation given by two members of our New Product Development (NPD) team.

Technologists Rebecca Storey and Kate Chapman spoke about our work and the process we go through to make the food that is eaten by millions of people across the UK.

Rebecca and Kate talked about the ingredients they need to make this food, what countries they source the ingredients from and the issues SK face as a national company, for example the rising cost of ingredients and import delays.

Rebecca said: “The aim was to show how a North-East based company like SK Chilled Foods has global food links, whether it’s to our owners in America or the European companies we source some of our ingredients from.

“The children seemed very interested in what we do, and they asked some great questions such as how increased food prices have affected SK, how long does it take to build a factory and how do you make cheese.

“It also helped Kate and me as well because after speaking in front of around 120 children, it now makes presenting new product ideas to our supermarket customers seem like child’s play.

“And who knows, we may have also inspired the children to consider a career in the food industry when they are older!”

We received some lovely letters from pupils after the visit, such as:

“SK Foods sounds like a great company with people” – Adam

“I enjoyed how you brought some of your popular items to show us.” – Isabella

“I absolutely loved your presentation.” – Theodore

“Without you we would have never known about the work you do to help the world.” – Scarlett

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