While the usual thing associated with the celebrations of St Patrick’s Day would be Guinness, it’s a good day to remember (and taste) the amazing foods Ireland has brought to the world culinary table too!

Why not start your Irish celebration meal with some of the range of fresh seafood available in Ireland? A reason to visit the Emerald Isle all on their own, the shellfish and seafood are so delicious and fresh – particularly the mussels, oysters and lobster. They’ll make a lovely light start to your meal.

Irish food can also be hearty and wholesome, filling and tasty. With an amazingly delicious range of good fresh vegetables as a base, it’s no wonder that Irish stew, bacon and cabbage, and colcannon are all designed to stick to your ribs. They’re particularly good accompanied with a good slab of soda bread.

And if you don’t fancy a dessert made using some of the sumptuous fresh fruits Ireland has to offer, how about some of the cheeses – perhaps with more of that soda bread? They’re one of favourite Irish foods and there’s loads to choose from – Ardrahan, Corleggy, Durrus, Cashel Blue, Cooleeney, Gubbeen to name but a few!

But if you need to have the Guinness, you can use a drop of the dark stuff to your recipes – I’m particularly fond of adding a good slug of it to a hearty beef casserole or steak pie. And if there’s any left over, why not toast St Paddy – no matter what day of the year it is!

Katie Beaumont
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