We are still enjoying Great British Beef Week (GBB) here in the SK kitchen this time with shorthorn beef. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without giving you a little inspiration for a tasty and seasonal bank holiday Sunday (or any day) roast. It’s also a fitting tribute to mark the end of GBB week for 2017.

The key with this is the beef of course, and it’s worth search and paying a little extra for the perfect cut. The recipe below uses a beautiful piece of meat is a 5-year Shorthorn rib of beef.

The origins of the Shorthorn breed of cattle are rooted firmly in the Northeast and begin some two centuries ago. From humble beginnings (and  only four cows) the breed has grown to become world renowned and significant in cattle breeding circles.

Enough about cattle… here’s the recipe!

Roasted 5-year old Shorthorn Beef Carvery Rib


  • 1.1kg rib beef
  • Jersey royal potatoes
  • English new in season asparagus


For the beef; begin by slowly cooking the beef in butter and oil over a medium heat on each side for around 10 minutes. Then rest for around 20 minutes. Reserve butter to baste after resting (reheat butter). Allowing the beef to rest is very important and remember to slice on an angle.

For the Jersey royals;  boil them in salted water. We’ve rolled them in parsley butter but they are good enough on their own.

For the asparagus; boil them in water for two minutes to maintain a good crunch.

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