Mention Christmas to anyone in February and you would get a funny look, but at this time of year John Parker is already full of festive spirit.

That’s because in his role as a Commercial Manager at SK Chilled Foods, he is already planning for Christmas 2018.

This month, for instance, he has already met his supermarket customers to discuss the products they are likely to be supplying at Christmas.

John says: “The song ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ is very apt in my role because we spend a good part of the year either getting ready for the upcoming Christmas period or planning the next one.

“This year, in January, whilst most people were probably sick of the sight of Christmas party food, we were already meeting with our supermarket customers to receive a brief for 2018 and we are already now well down the line with planning our Christmas range for this year.”

John has been with SK for 11 years and has spent his whole career working in the food industry.

He says: “I always enjoyed maths at school and a big part of working in the food industry is crunching the numbers to see if it is possible to take a product from conception to getting it on the supermarket shelves, so it has always been an ideal job for me.”

Living in Lincolnshire, John clocks up the miles (he estimates 30,000 a year) in his role, but he wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

“Food has become a massive part of my life and it’s been great to be part of SK’s growth and success,” he adds.

When he is not working, John enjoys spending time with his children, playing golf and watching his beloved Liverpool Football Club.

Whilst it’s ok to mention Christmas at any time of the year John, just don’t bring up his Manchester United supporting son!!

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