Food is essential for life and good food can be one of our greatest pleasures, but there’s nothing more important than food safety.

However, if food isn’t stored or prepared carefully it can have adverse impacts, which is why the United Nations takes time each year to encourage global food safety awareness. 

Under the slogan “Food safety, everyone’s business” World Food Safety Day on June 7 urges everyone involved in the food industry to do their bit to ensure the food we consume is safe to eat. It’s certainly something which is of paramount importance to SK given our food is eaten by millions of people across the UK.

Of course, that also extends to the consumer, for whilst the UN campaign can flag up important safety measures, no one can legislate for the actions of an individual – especially sports stars. 

So, to celebrate world safety day – and with tongue firmly in cheek – here’s a few things we’d advise you not to try at home.  

Dave Beasant is an FA Cup winning goalkeeper but his handling skills deserted him when he dropped a jar of mayonnaise whilst preparing a salad at home. Sadly, his footwork was also faulty – he attempted to control the falling jar with his barefoot, the jar broke slashing a tendon and big Dave missed two months of the season. 

Swedish footballer Rami Kaid was at least trying to eat healthily when he suffered a broken jaw that kept him out for weeks. Rami had taken a blow to the side of his face during a game and biting into a raw carrot afterwards proved the final straw. 

Baseball star Bret Barberie’s Tex Mex injury certainly brought tears to the eyes. Bret forgot to wash his hands after scooping hot salza onto his nachos. The inevitable happened when he then proceeded to rub his eyes and he had to miss the next game with blurred vision.  

Food preparation is vital for food safety, and it seems sports stars and microwaves just don’t mix. 

San Francisco Giants baseball star Kevin Mitchell was once named the National League’s Most Valuable Player but he was floored by a chocolate doughnut he hadn’t thawed properly in the microwave. Mitchell broke a tooth when he bit into it and needed root canal surgery. 

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Kilmarnock defender Kirk Broadfoot decided to save a few minutes by poaching eggs in a bowl of water in the microwave. When he removed them one of the eggs exploded, splashing water that caused minor facial burns. 

Height can be a great advantage for baseball players when it comes to catching in the outfield, however 6ft 5in Oakland Athletics star Michael Taylor misjudged his own reach when disposing of some chewing gum.  

Taylor decided to switch codes to basketball and attempt to slam dunk the gum into a rubbish bin. His hand smashed into an overhanging light resulting in a deep gash to his little finger and deep embarrassment for Taylor. 

We can’t guarantee that eating food made by SK will turn you into a sports star, however it should allow you to mark World Food Safety Day by enjoying the best of Tex Mex, Indian, Oriental, party food (apt this Jubilee weekend!) and more.

Just don’t put any of our dips and sauces in your eyes!

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