Happy Christmas from everyone at SK Chilled Foods.

As today is Christmas Eve, in many homes people will be putting out some milk and carrots out for Santa’s reindeer – or perhaps a tot of whisky and a biscuit for the old man himself.

Like many of our Christmas traditions, it’s a practice dating back far longer than you might expect and one that has been adopted from elsewhere. 

Norse mythology tells of Odin, ruler of the Gods, and his eight legged horse Sleipnir who would travel the world during midwinter. Children would leave their boots by the fireplace filled with straw and carrots for Sleipnir and Odin would fill the boots with gifts in return.

The tradition of burning a yule log also pre-dates Christianity and has been adapted into modern day celebration. The word Yule originates from a Saxon term describing what we now regard as the 12 days of Christmas. At this time a large log would be set ablaze to burn brightly and mark the passing of the winter solstice and  celebrate the daily increase in sunlight.

In ancient Greece, wreaths would be made at the end of harvest and hung on doors in tribute to the Gods in the hope they would provide protection all year round to those within. Christians adopted the practice and favour the use of evergreens to make the festive wreaths, symbolising their everlasting faith.

Not all Christmas traditions date back quite so far.

Whilst thick woolly jumpers have always been practical at this time of the year, Canada can claim fame to turning them into garish clothing that would be instantly confiscated by fashion police at any other time of the year.

The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver held the first “ugly sweater” party in 2001 to raise money for sick children and the tradition continues to this day in Canada and many other parts of the world.

Four years later, Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell published the book “Elf on the Shelf” and now more than 13m elves and counting having now been “adopted” worldwide.

For many the best tradition of Christmas is to sit back and enjoy a few days off work, enjoying good company, food and drink and at SK foods that’s something we can definitely help with.

Our range of foods is inspired by cuisine from around the world so there’s sure to be something to everyone’s tastes. And imagine how pleased Santa will feel if instead of another boring old biscuit he finds delicious chicken pakora, filo tartlets or chilli beef muffins at the foot of your chimney.

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