Taste buds are complicated things and there seems no rhyme or reason as to why certain people just can’t abide certain foods.

The new science of Gastrophysics has tried to get to the root of the problem and concluded it’s down to a variety of factors – how the food looks, smells and its texture are significant as well as if our first experience of the food was good or bad.

And if there is a food you really don’t like but think you should, there are some handy tips as to how you can cure your aversion.

Let’s start with childhood, for it is there that one of the most common food hates begins for certain vegetables, especially Brussel sprouts.

Experts believe taking children along on the shop, helping to choose the sprouts and then being part of the cooking process can be beneficial. Adding a few titbits such as chestnuts, a dash of butter or some crispy bacon can also boost the appeal – that and not boiling them to death like your mum used to do when you were young (try roasting them in the oven or pan instead).

Strong blue cheese also features highly in lists of most hated foods and it’s thought that for many people this is down to the smell rather than the taste.

The advice is to treat it like medicine. Hold your nose and take a bite, you might find the taste is actually quite nice.

Marmite has a famous love or hate reputation, however, in survey for meal kit suppliers Gousto to find the UK’s most disliked food, it was beaten into second place behind oysters.

In many cases those averse to oysters hadn’t even tried them, it was the gloopy nature of the beast that put them off instantly.

Gastrophysics suggests a distraction technique could work. By adding something sharp or spicy you can divert the attention of the tastebuds. In the case of oysters a dash of lemon or drop of hot sauce can help them slip down smoothly. 

Of course the easiest option is to ensure variety in the menu and at SK Chilled Foods help is at hand. We scour the globe to find inspiration for our wide range of food options so whether you prefer Oriental to Indian, Tex Mex to traditional there’ll always be something you’ll enjoy – without needing to hold your nose!

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