Benna Davis

Benna Davis – SK people

If she was a Star Wars character, Benna Davis would be Yoda.

That’s because she admits she talks so fast that her words can sometimes come out sounding like Yoda, but also because her role is so busy she feels she needs to use Jedi mind tricks to get everything done.

Benna is our Head of Development, which ultimately means she is responsible for all the amazing food which comes out of the SK kitchen and finds its way onto supermarket shelves.

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Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson – SK people

Peter Simpson sees a lot of brown boxes in his working week.

Thousands in fact and whilst he jokes that ‘a brown box is a brown box’ he knows that what is in these boxes is critical to SK Chilled Foods’ business.

Peter is our Supply Chain Controller, he has the power to move boxes, and many other things, with a single stare. Ok, so we are exaggerating a little, he does also use a phone and a computer, as well as a well oiled, 30-strong team.

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New chef joins SK Chilled Foods

New chef

New chef. A man who worked with Marco Pierre White has joined SK Chilled Foods.

John Connell is our newest development and innovation chef. Based at our head office in Wynyard, near Billingham, Teesside, the 46-year-old joins an existing team of four chefs who create the dishes which are enjoyed by millions of people who shop at some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

SK Chilled Foods geared up for Chinese New Year by making an astonishing 1.5 million pieces of prawn toast – thanks to a £600,000 new investment.

Alongside those at SK Chilled Food’s two production centres at Riverside and South Bank will be a host of Oriental snacks and side dishes including two million spring rolls and hundreds of thousands spare ribs, lemon chicken and wontons. Read more

Training academy

Training academy

SK Chilled Foods has entered into a unique partnership with a local college to establish a new training academy for its 600 staff.

From January 2016, staff at the company’s three sites in Teesside will be able to select from an initial 28 different ‘bite-size’ courses which have been put together with, and accredited by, Stockton Riverside College.

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Seasoned Greetings small

‘Seasoned Greetings’ from SK Foods

As 2015 draws to a close, we look back at a very productive and successful year.

We are now creating more products than ever before including many new lines launched for Christmas.

There have been a number of contributing factors to this success.

Over the last year we have made significant investment in production including a new facility with capabilities for breaded cheese and shell potato production and we now have a dedicated and improved area for prawn toast.

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A recipe for innovation small

A Recipe for Innovation: The SK Foods Way

Discover, create, develop; the process of innovation at SK Foods is a recipe for success.

At the heart of the process, the New Product Development team constantly strive to stay ahead of food trends and provide customers with new and original product options. To create their recipe for innovation they keep one eye firmly on the future.

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60 million samosas

60 million samosas and still counting…

A woman celebrating 25 years’ service with SK Chilled Foods is believed to have hand-folded more than 60 million samosas during her career.

Asmat Farooq, who works  SK Chilled Foods’ Riverside site on Teesside, is estimated to have made 2.5million samosas every year for the 25 that she has worked there. That means that during her time working for SK, Asmat, from Middlesbrough, is believed to have made upwards of 62.5million of the delicious snacks, hand folding every single one!

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