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HUNDREDS of people applied for jobs following a major recruitment drive by award-winning Teesside company which makes chilled food for the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

On the back of one its most successful years in its history, SK Chilled Foods advertised for 32 new roles based at its South Bank and Riverside facilities in Middlesbrough.

Over 800 people applied for a variety of jobs, including Production Line Leaders, Engineers and Quality Auditors, and 21 people have now been appointed and started work for the company.

They include 27-year-old James Robson, from Eston, who has started as a Line Leader at South Bank.

This means he is responsible for overseeing one of the many food production lines at the facility.

James joined SK from another food company in North Yorkshire, but says he is already seeing a big difference.

He explained: “In my previous job I was literally thrown in at the deep end with very little induction or support, so it was quite daunting.

“Here, before anyone was appointed, we were invited to an open day so we could have a look around the facility so we knew exactly what sort of environment we would be working in.

“There was then a very thorough induction process and for the first few weeks we were all allocated an existing member of staff so they could shadow and help us settle in.

“I had heard good things about SK prior to applying and I am enjoying it and really happy to be here.”

In James’ case, being on one of the production lines can involve making 80,000 pieces of product, such as an onion bhaji, in just one shift. This includes ensuring that each bhaji is made to the exact specification required by a supermarket.

James added: “I know I have only been here a short time, but I already receiving further training which will enable me to progress within the company. My next sights are set on becoming a supervisor.”

James’ current supervisor, Tony Lynas, said: “I have been very impressed with James; his attitude and attention to detail is fantastic.”

Julie Knight, SK Chilled Foods’ Head of HR, said: “We were delighted with the response we received to the recruitment campaign and with the calibre of people who applied.

“The focus was then to ensure that we retained the people we recruited because in the manufacturing industry, if there is turnover, it tends to happen in the first six months of employment.

“So, that’s why we held the open day at the two facilities because we understand that food production is not for everybody, so by giving them an insight before they committed to anything at least they could make an informed decision.

“The new training programme we have introduced started with our existing employees and asking them what was missing from their induction and we used their feedback to introduce new things like the ‘buddy’ system.

“Everyone was also issued with all the equipment they need before they started, rather than just on their first day when they already have lots of things to digest.

“And we encouraged the new starters to pop up to see us for a tea or coffee if they had any questions or concerns.

“In the first weeks it’s all about settling in and building relationships, and we then carry out regular reviews and offer staff continuous training.

“It’s a model that works and one we will now be adopting for all new starters going forward.”

SK still has 11 vacancies to fill for Line Leaders roles.

More information is available  by emailing

Katie Beaumont
Marketing & Communications Executive of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
Food and nutrition students

NPD – The Next Generation

By Benna Davis, SK Chilled Foods Head of Development

Benna Davis
Benna Davis

What ambitions do today’s food and nutrition students have for their futures? Where do they see themselves working? Do they know all the options open to them?

They may be considering a career in dietetics or thinking about becoming a nutritionist perhaps. What might have not occurred to them is to consider New Product Development or NPD within the food industry as a career move.

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Katie Beaumont
Marketing & Communications Executive of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
Shorthorn rib of beef

Roasted 5-year old Shorthorn Beef Carvery Rib

We are still enjoying Great British Beef Week (GBB) here in the SK kitchen this time with shorthorn beef. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without giving you a little inspiration for a tasty and seasonal bank holiday Sunday (or any day) roast. It’s also a fitting tribute to mark the end of GBB week for 2017.

The key with this is the beef of course, and it’s worth search and paying a little extra for the perfect cut. The recipe below uses a beautiful piece of meat is a 5-year Shorthorn rib of beef.

The origins of the Shorthorn breed of cattle are rooted firmly in the Northeast and begin some two centuries ago. From humble beginnings (and  only four cows) the breed has grown to become world renowned and significant in cattle breeding circles.

Enough about cattle… here’s the recipe!

Roasted 5-year old Shorthorn Beef Carvery Rib


  • 1.1kg rib beef
  • Jersey royal potatoes
  • English new in season asparagus


For the beef; begin by slowly cooking the beef in butter and oil over a medium heat on each side for around 10 minutes. Then rest for around 20 minutes. Reserve butter to baste after resting (reheat butter). Allowing the beef to rest is very important and remember to slice on an angle.

For the Jersey royals;  boil them in salted water. We’ve rolled them in parsley butter but they are good enough on their own.

For the asparagus; boil them in water for two minutes to maintain a good crunch.

Katie Beaumont
Marketing & Communications Executive of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.
Foodman Awards

SK Chilled Foods wins food ‘Oscar’ award

SK Chilled Foods won the ‘judges’ star performer’ category in the Food Manufacturing Magazine Excellence Awards 2016.

Held in London this week, the awards are widely recognised as the most prestigious in the food manufacturing industry. They are aimed at companies who make everything from chilled food through to fresh produce and beverages.

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Katie Beaumont
Marketing & Communications Executive of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.

SK Foods – Shortlisted in Award for Food Manufacturer’s ‘Oscars’

We’re delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in two categories at the Excellence in Food Manufacturing Awards 2016.

We’re proud to be nominated for chilled and fresh produce manufacturing company of the year and for a judges’ star performer award. The nominations focused on the business as a whole and recognised our strong relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. We were able to demonstrate first class customer service, strong technical integrity, category expertise and innovative practices which is a testament to the whole team’s hard work and dedication.

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Katie Beaumont
Marketing & Communications Executive of SK Foods. Your food. Our Passion.